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Digital solutions

that make sense

Who we are

We are an OTT entertainment video streaming developer that has VOD & FAST long form channels available across multiple devices and operating systems. We engage diverse audiences through a personalized experience that we have created through partnerships with content distributors and our own customized technology.

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CDN/ Data Management

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Proprietary Technology

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Unique Content

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Curated marketplace and PMPs

What we do

We provide unique holistic solutions in order to innovate in the constantly evolving digital landscape. 

Our vision is to create a perfect synergy between our clients’ needs and their users; to manage their entire ad framework, improve their digital monetization and strategize in a way that actually makes sense.

Everything you need to help you succeed in the rapidly growing world of OTT!

Join us and allow our experts to achieve for you the highest possible results!

Why TMS?

Our Expert Team Walks With You Every Step of the Way.

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 Reach new, unique campaigns across the TMS Ecosystem, providing unparalleled granularity and diversity of brands and budgets.

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Build your tailor-made optimization process, to reduce redundancy and maximize fill and CPM with minimum effort.

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Use our cutting edge technology to make sure your audiences meet the most relevant, non-intrusive advertising to ensure optimal user experience alongside maximum yield.

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Unique inventory via our OTT apps.

Our marketplace; direct and exclusive offers, access to first Look deals with leading publishers.

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A brand safe environment; ensuring quality, clean traffic with high KPI’s.

Optimize your advertising campaign alongside our expert team, offering more than 50 years of combined experience in ad-tech.

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Our platform to effectively reach and engage the target audience and make informed decisions about content & advertising strategies.

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Our marketplace calculates individualized needs for every budget; our experts will tailor inventory that is suited best for you.

TV attribution – tailored tech solution for smart, agile ad spend